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Welcome to our website!!!

"Expomet" factory is a family company that has been in existence for 35 years. We produce parts for the mechanical and electromechanical industries.

Among our customers are mostly renouned producers of highly-automated packaging machines, who supply mainly to food and farmaceutical brands (e.g. Procter&Gamble, Johnson&Johnson, Unilever, Zott, Danone).
We produce single as well as short- and medium-serial parts - each time according to technical documentation and meeting quality standards supplied by the customer.

In view of the profile of our customers we process mainly stainless and acid-proof steel, but materials like cast iron, non-ferrous metals and plastics are also common to us.

All of the parts and components we produce are liable to a one-hundred-percent quality control.

Ninety percent of our parts are exported to the German market, from where, after being fitted into machines, they are being delivered worldwide.

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